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The most prevalent Jewish emblem is the Star of David, or "Magen David" in Hebrew. It can be found on jewelry, the Israeli flag, synagogues, Torah volumes, and other decorative items. Star of David Jewelry pieces have been popular for generations and new necklace, pendant, ring, bracelet, and earring designs allow to express your Jewish faith in a myriad of ways!

Star of David Jewelry - Jewish Bracelet

It serves as a public declaration of one's Jewish identity and beliefs and is a relatively new worldwide Jewish emblem. A wonderful approach to sharing your faith with the world is to wear jewelry that incorporates the Star of David.

On the internet, you may find many different designs for necklaces, pendants, coin necklaces, earrings, and three-dimensional versions of the Star of David. Diamonds, sapphires, and other gemstones are often added to Star of David necklaces, rings, and earrings to create a more luxurious jewelry piece. 

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Most Popular Star of David Jewelry Pieces

Star of David jewelry comes in a lot of varieties, including necklaces, pendants, rings, bracelets, and even earrings.

  • Star of David Necklaces: Wearing a Star of David necklace is an excellent way to show the world that you are Jewish and that you identify as such. A Star of David necklace not just complements your attire but also constantly reminds you of your Jewish ancestry and helps you maintain your beliefs near your heart.
    There are many different types of necklaces, from plain and traditional to contemporary and "flashy". There is a Star of David necklace that will complement your personality regardless of what your personal style is. If you would like to design a custom Star of David Necklace, please contact us to get started
  • Star of David Bracelets: A bracelet featuring the Star of David is a modest way to demonstrate your Jewish identity. Eyes won't necessarily be led to a bracelet because it normally doesn't stick out as the focal point of an outfit, but you are aware of its presence and the significance of its meaning. A Star of David bracelet may also feature other popular jewish charms, giving you a nice variety of impactful images on your bracelet.
  • Star of David Rings: You can demonstrate your enduring dedication to your religion and God by wearing a ring with the Star of David. A ring is a wonderful way to show the world your commitment to Jewish history while demonstrating your faith.
  • Star of David Earrings: A very modern method to identify as an Israelite committed to their Jewish faith is wearing Star of David earrings. Small, conventional studs to contemporary, stylish dangling earrings with the Jewish sign of universalism are all available.
    Whatever item of jewelry you decide on wearing with the Star of David, make sure it resonates with your spirit. You may be unique and express your faith at the same time.

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Crafting the Star of David necklaces and pendants in gold with sapphires and VS+ diamonds is Saracino Jewelry's area of expertise. We provide you with the finest shopping experience and elegant handcrafted items at competitive prices. All of our Star of David necklaces are offered in 14K Solid Gold and we can also work with you to custom-design a Star of David necklace of your dreams.

Star of David Earring - Jewish Jewelry

Where to Buy a Gold Star of David Pendant?

Saracino Jewelry will work with you to design and create the best gold Star of David pendant that you can imagine. We pride ourselves on delivering an unbeatable shopping experience and will give you a handful of options to choose from when you are shopping for your solid gold Star of David pendant. 

When shopping for sentimental religious jewelry pieces, especially a sacred piece like the gold Star of David Pendant, it is in your best interest to shop with a reliable jeweler who has experience making these particular pieces. The experts at Saracino Jewelry have been the go-to company for anyone shopping for Star of David Jewelry over the past 35 years. 

Where to Buy a Diamond Star of David Pendant?

When selecting your diamond Star of David pendant, pay particular attention to the quality of diamonds used to assemble your pendant. In jewelry manufacturing, the quality of the materials is a huge determinant on the total price, and you should be sure you are not buying a diamond Star of David pendant made using low-quality diamonds. 

At Saracino Jewelry, we offer the highest quality Jewish Jewelry pieces and best shopping experience to every single one of our valued clients. We can design a customized Star of David Pendant, which will exceed your expectations! On our website, you will also find various designs for Star of David charm bracelets, rings, and earrings. You can choose from the Star of David Jewelry that is already available, or you can order a customized piece, and we will design it for you!

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Steps to Order Jewish Star of David Jewelry

Here is how easy it is to buy Star of David Jewelry online: 

  1. Visit our website to view our already available collection of Star of David Jewelry, choose a design or fill out this form if you want to work on a custom design together.
  2. Fill in all the required details to confirm your purchase.
  3. Please allow 6-8 business days for us to manufacture your Star of David Jewelry piece.
  4. Once your order is ready, we can ship it to your house, or, you can come to our Downtown Los Angeles Office and pick up your order.

Have any more questions? Feel free to get in touch with us, as our crew would love to clarify any questions you may have. 

Star of David Symbol Meaning

According to legends, the Star of David holds profound spiritual importance. The lower triangle faces the real world, while the upper triangle looks upward at God. The two triangles become inseparable as a result of their intertwining, similar to the Jewish people.

The governing tribe of Judah is claimed to be represented by one triangle, and the former ruling clan of Benjamin is said to be represented by the other triangle. Those who wear the sign are thought to be blessed and protected.

According to one interpretation, the two interconnected triangles reflect the entirety of the Jewish experience, with the three corners of one star signifying Man, the World, and God, and the three points of the other star signifying birth, revelations, and salvation.

The Shield of David is another name for the emblem, which alludes to King David's heavenly protection. As a result, it represents God as David's defender and deliverer, as well as those of his people in general.