Complete Guide to Wedding Rings

June 16 2024 – Alexander Peck

Wedding rings

Wedding rings are an important part of your wedding, and they will be with you and your partner for the rest of your lives as well. So, choose your wedding bands very carefully and with love.

We are here to provide you with a comprehensive guide to your lovely wedding rings and to assist you in purchasing an excellent wedding band for you and your partner.

What are Wedding Rings?

What is wedding ring

In simple terms, wedding rings are metal rings that are handed to the bride and groom at their wedding ceremony. Double-ring, service ring is also known as a comparable ring handed by the bride to the husband.

Customize Your Wedding Ring

This is the main thing in every piece of bridal jewelry because it is also called "commitment rings."

Difference Between Wedding Rings vs Engagement Rings:

difference between wedding rings vs engagement rings
The culture of exchanging rings as a symbol of marriage dates back to ancient times. It raises a lot of questions about engagement rings vs. wedding rings as a modern practice. What's the difference between a wedding ring and an engagement ring? Do you require the services of a wedding band? Do they have to be the same style and worn together if you want to wear both?

An engagement ring is usually given at the time of a proposal or shortly after a couple has decided to become engaged. Generally, the ring will have one dominant stone set in a variety of band styles. However, modern options have expanded to include three-stone rings, cluster rings, and even bands that are typically associated with wedding rings.

wedding ring vs engagement ring
A wedding ring (or wedding band) is usually exchanged as the official symbol of the union of marriage during the wedding ceremony. Both rings have usually been worn together, frequently as bridal sets or even joined together to make one piece in some situations.. Wedding rings are typically simpler in design, consisting of a band with no large stones or a centerpiece gemstone.

Wedding rings can be as simple as a plain metal band or as elaborate as a diamond-encrusted eternity band.

How to Wear an Engagement Ring and a Wedding Band?

how to wear wedding ring

Commonly, everybody wears an engagement ring and a wedding ring together on the fourth finger of their left hand. The wedding band is traditionally worn inside the engagement ring to bring it closer to your heart.

Even so, some people like to wear their engagement ring on one hand and their wedding band on the other hand. It looks so beautiful when a bride does it.

Different type of Wedding Ring Styles:

engagement ring


  • Engagement Rings (What is an engagement ring):- especially in Western cultures,  a ring is presented as an engagement gift by a partner to their prospective spouse when they propose marriage or directly following the acceptance of a marriage proposal.
His and Hers Wedding Bands
  • Wedding Bands:-  A wedding ring (or wedding band) is usually exchanged as the official symbol of the union of marriage during the wedding ceremony.
  • Anniversary Bands:- An anniversary ring is a ring that one gives to their partner to celebrate their wedding anniversary. An anniversary ring can be a solid gold band with diamond, platinum, or gemstone accents, or it can be a diamond, platinum, or gemstone accented ring.
Black Gold Wedding Rings
  • Black Wedding Rings (Black Gold):- A black ring symbolizes the strength of love. Wearing black rings can be a means for a couple to express their commitment to their relationship.
black diamond wedding ring
  • Black Diamond Wedding Rings:- A black diamond wedding set or band is a super-included diamond. Because of the numerous inclusions, it looks to be a black gemstone. A black diamond wedding ring symbolizes eternal, flawless, and unchanging love. It is also associated with passion, action, and energy.

Some cultures thought that if a married couple touched a black diamond, it would bring them good fortune and that the stone would absorb all of their problems and troubles..

Black diamond wedding rings are cheaper than white and other colored diamond rings. The reason for this is that many of the black diamonds on the market were created in labs. Actually, original natural black diamonds are relatively very rare. It is found only in Brazil and the Central African Republic.

So, to enhance your relationship with your partner and improve your inner strength, you can choose a black diamond ring. It will also give you clarity, balance, and abundance.

The black diamond ring symbolizes originality and power, and it looks so unique.

opal wedding ring

  • Opal Wedding Rings:- Opal wedding rings are the best choice for modern non-diamond brides. It is made with an incredibly unique gemstone and is known for its flashing colors and unique design. The opal is also the October birthstone. Opal wedding rings represent creativity, faithfulness, and faithfulness.
yellow gold wedding ring
  • Yellow Gold Wedding Rings:- Yellow gold is created by combining pure gold with alloy metals like copper and zinc.Yellow is a color associated with intelligence, intellect, and knowledge. A yellow diamond ring represents the start of a happy and loving life. It's perfect for weddings as well as regular use.
  • White Gold Wedding Rings:- White gold is one of the most preferred metals for both men's and women's wedding bands. White gold is an alloy made up of pure gold and long-lasting metals like zinc, nickel, and copper, which give it strength and a brighter color. 14K or 18K gold is commonly used to make white gold rings. Because of its color, many people mistake white gold for platinum or silver. On the other hand, they are not the same. It's true that white gold is real gold.
rose gold wedding ring
  • Rose Gold Wedding Rings:- Rose gold rings are far more durable than yellow or white gold rings (not as strong as platinum, though). They are also shockingly inexpensive. Rose gold, unlike white gold, does not require rhodium plating. Due to the rose tint, the old or antique appeal typically has a romantic meaning. A rose gold wedding ring is another fantastic option for a modern bride who wants to add a pop of color to her outfit.
emarld wedding ring
  • Emerald Wedding Rings:- Emerald is a richly green gemstone belonging to the beryl family of minerals. It is rare and beautiful and also represents luck, love, peace, and hope. Emerald wedding rings are a good choice for a marriage proposal. It is the deep symbolism and the beauty of the stone that creates such a desire for most brides and grooms.

Most couples choose natural emerald wedding rings for their rarity and natural beauty, and you will also find lab-created emerald wedding rings. Both are awesome for wedding and engagement ceremonies.

Sapphire Wedding Ring

  • Sapphire Wedding Rings:- Sapphires are great gemstones for their toughness and will see a lot of use, such as engagement rings, wedding rings, and are also ideal for everyday use.

Sapphires do not have cleavage, which means they don't break easily. For royals, they symbolize wisdom, virtue, good fortune, and holiness. For wedding rings, sapphires would be a great choice.

  • Wedding Rings for Men:- Men's wedding rings, also known as wedding bands, come in a variety of forms, from costly to simple (similar to engagement ring styles). When it comes to selecting a wedding band for guys, personal preference is more essential than anything else.The bride (and/or her family) traditionally purchases the groom's wedding ring, while the groom or his family pays for the bride's.

A men's wedding ring can be customized in a variety of ways to make it perfect for you! Platinum, yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, and other precious metals are among the materials we work with.

You can get The Marvel Ring, which is composed of gold and studded with diamonds, for a man who loves diamonds.

wedding ring for woman

  • Wedding Rings for Women:- Wedding rings are very important and sensual pieces of bridal jewelry for women, and women are very conscientious about choosing their wedding rings because these rings are their symbol of love and commitment. A great-style wedding ring is a desire for every woman.

There are many types of wedding rings on the market for women, such as diamond rings, gold rings, rose gold rings, solitaires, princess cut and pink diamond rings, and they have a huge variety of styles.

Most of the time, wedding rings for brides are chosen by the groom's family.

  • Wooden Wedding Rings:- Wooden Wedding Bands are rings with a solitary diamond and wooden accents for a more natural look, made in the conventional wedding ring style. In our collection of wood wedding rings, the wooden accents provide a beautiful contrast. Any type of wood and inlay can be added to any of the wooden wedding bands.

Wood is a symbol of strength and growth, and it is frequently associated with a married couple's fifth wedding anniversary because of this.

A wood band can last for years with the right surface coatings, varnish, and regular cleanings, even longer than some of the stronger metal bands. With proper love and care, rings with a hardwood inlay, such as wood and carbon fiber rings, are also quite durable.

Antique Wedding Rings:- An authentic antique engagement ring dates back to a specific period in history. Vintage engagement rings are those that date from the 1960s or before. Buying vintage and antique engagement jewelry is usually more cost effective than purchasing a new ring. Some styles, such as the Edwardian Bombe, are regarded as uncommon, and like with all rare antiques, are more expensive when sold by knowledgeable sellers.

Look for signs inside the piece with a magnifying glass. It will have a stamp if it is made of gold, platinum, or silver. The type of material used to create vintage jewelry can affect its worth by hundreds of dollars. The cut of the diamonds can also indicate a time period.

Popular Wedding Bands for Women

When looking for wedding bands for women, style, personality, and comfort are all important factors to consider. You must also ensure that they are not only functional but also fashionable so that they may be worn with any event or clothing. Wedding rings can be chosen based on the shape of the wearer's fingers and appearance.

A ton of designs, colors, metals and gems in our collection. 

If you're confused about choosing, our detailed wedding rings list will guide you.

  • Wedding Bands With Colored Gemstones.
  • Amazing Halo In Wedding Bands.
  • Modern Mixed Metal Wedding Bands.
  • Unique Wedding Bands For Women.
  • Wedding Bands In Vintage Style.
  • White Gold Wedding Bands With Diamonds.
  • Twisted Wedding Bands For Women.
  • Classic Diamond Wedding Bands For Women.
  • Yellow Gold Wedding Bands.

Diamond Wedding Rings vs Gold Wedding Rings:-

diamond vs gold wedding ring

Diamond and Gold are the two most commonly used metals for engagement and wedding rings. Both metals are unique, no similarity there. Each of them, in reality, has unique features. It is entirely up to you to decide which option is best for you.

The most recent diamond ring designs are stunning for wedding bands. Some of our diamond ring collections are very impressive. Gold wedding bands are also fashionable. 

Where to Buy Wedding Rings?

For unique styles of wedding rings you should go to the best place to buy. Saracino Jewelry is the place to go if you've been looking for a reputable fine jewelry manufacturer "near me" and live in the Los Angeles area. Saracino Jewelry has more than 35 years of experience in the jewelry production sector and can offer you with the high-quality jewelry you've been looking for.

Are There Men’s Diamond Wedding Bands?

Yes, there are men’s diamond wedding bands. While gold wedding bands are traditionally more popular for males, there is a large increase in men purchasing diamond wedding bands for themselves.

Best Place to Buy Men’s Wedding Rings in Los Angeles?

The best place to shop for men's wedding rings in Los Angeles is Saracino Jewelry. We have 35 years of manufacturing experience and a strategically built team. We really like to make your jewelry purchasing experience as simple and affordable as possible.

Our customers receive excellent customer service, and our manufacturing team is highly skilled and they will provide you with the high quality mens wedding rings you have been looking for. 

Where to buy Men’s Wedding Bands Online?

Most people buy their wedding jewelry online from our site because we handle  most of our business through our website and over the phone, but our manufacturing facility is located on 6th and Hill Street in the LA jewelry district and we are seeing customers in our private downtown LA office by appointment. 

So you can easily buy your wedding band from our website. Our team is ready 24/7 for support you.

Steps to Design Custom Wedding Rings:

Who doesn't desire a one-of-a-kind engagement ring that reflects their personality and relationship?Customization does not have to be expensive, but it can be a difficult process if you are confused where to begin. Everyone is searching for better ways to express themselves nowadays, and customization is becoming the norm.

Let's talk about the process of custom designing wedding rings.

  1. Reach out: You can call or text us regarding the custom jewelry design you had in mind at phone:-  (310) 620-3313 mail:-  (
  2. Share your vision with us: Send us drawings, similar designs, mock-ups or any other relevant information (size estimates, metal preference, diamond or precious gemstone preference, etc..) that you think we could use to help us get an accurate understanding of exactly what you are looking for.
  3. Tell us your budget: Let us know a ballpark number that you would be comfortable investing into this custom wedding ring. 
  4. Patiently wait for our response: We will respond to you as soon as possible regarding the estimate on your custom wedding band. We will try our best to get back to you in under an hour, but sometimes it may take us up to 24 hours to provide you with an accurate estimate
  5. Pay us a deposit: We will require a deposit in order to get started on your piece, so we do not spend all of the tedious hours designing the custom jewelry piece on our computer software without a small guarantee that you are a serious shopper and ready to choose Saracino Jewelry for your custom jewelry needs. 
  6. Approve the design: We will send you computer renderings of the designs that we have come up with. With these computer renderings, we will know exactly how big the piece will be, how heavy it will be, how many stones we need to set, and much more valuable information regarding your custom ring piece. 
  7. Patiently wait while we manufacture the piece: For most of our solid gold custom jewelry pieces, it will take us about a week to 10 days to finish your piece. If you have a custom piece with hundreds or thousands of diamonds, sometimes it will take a little bit longer, because we have our in-house diamond setters take their time hand-setting each stone.
  8. Pay the remainder of your balance: We require an initial deposit before we start working on the computer-rendered mock-up, then you can pay the remainder of your balance the day you pick up your finished wedding ring.

Contact the team at Saracino Jewelry via email or phone (310) 620-3313

Frequently Asked Questions about Wedding Rings:

  • How to Wear an Engagement Ring and Wedding Rings?

  •  Traditionally, the engagement ring is closest to the bride’s palm/hand and the wedding band is on the same finger, closer to the tip of the finger.

  • Who buys the wedding bands?

  • The male is usually in charge of buying the wedding bands.

  • Does the wedding band go on first?

  • No, the engagement ring is first then the wedding band goes on.

  • How much should you spend on a wedding ring?

  • The engagement ring should cost at least two months' earnings. If you earn $50,000 per year, for example, you should spend $4,000 on a wedding  ring.

  • What hand does a wedding ring go on?

  • Left hand.

  • What finger does a wedding ring go on?

  • The finger next to your pinkie.

  • What is a wedding band?

  • The profile of a wedding band is less complex than that of an engagement ring. It usually has a platinum or gold band around it. Those who have an artistically created spectacular engagement band usually like them. Wedding bands, on the other hand, can be made out of pave diamonds or other precious gemstones.

  • How much are wedding bands?

  • Price of wedding bands fluctuates based on material used, if diamonds and other stones are added, and who is manufacturing it. Well-known jewelry brands will charge a premium on their wedding bands because their designs are very popular and in demand.

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