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Saracino Jewelry, 640 S Hill St, Suite 557A, Los Angeles CA 90014

Want to show the world you’re a cut above the rest? Stand out for all the right reasons with custom-made diamond and gold jewelry from Saracino Jewelry. Our custom pieces offer the ideal balance of sophistication and edginess, so design your own jewelry with the form below!

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Custom-Made Jewelry, Always

At Saracino Jewelry, we’re proud to specialize in manufacturing a wide range of made-to-order jewelry pieces, ranging from bracelets to earrings, rings, and necklaces for all occasions, like Valentine’s Day. Our gold pieces are always solid gold. And with your diamond options, you can choose between natural diamonds or lab-grown diamonds for a radiant look that will fit your budget. Just brilliant.

Mind-Blowing Personalization

Can you envision your dream ring? Got a photo of it on your smartphone or Pinterest page? Whatever you’re imagining, we can make it happen at Saracino Jewelry. 

Send us a reference photo and a short description of your vision. Then, we’ll give you an accurate quote for your piece and turn it into a finished beauty. Our process includes holding virtual consultations with you and creating 3D models to make sure you get the custom-made jewelry piece you’re fantasizing about.

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diamond studded gold earrings

Splendid Service with Saracino

When you partner with Saracino Jewelry, you’ll instantly notice our world-class customer service. This includes within-an-hour responses to calls and contact requests. We’ll also deliver a 3D model to you within three days and have your piece ready in 7-10 days. Want to see our pieces in person? Visit our showroom in Downtown LA. Shop now!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why go through the custom-made jewelry creation process?

You’ll be in control of each stage of the process from initial sketch to design and custom piece delivery. This means you’ll end up with a finely detailed gold or diamond statement piece that meets all of your specifications and expresses your personality.

What sets custom jewelry apart?

The materials used to design your own jewelry typically carry a higher value than those used to create mass-produced pieces. In addition, when you choose custom pieces, you can expect greater attention to detail and care. They are, after all, one of a kind!

Is custom-made jewelry worth the investment?

Absolutely. Custom jewelry is often more expensive to design, but for good reason. The piece will likely appreciate over time for two reasons. The first is that as precious metals increase in price, your custom jewelry piece’s worth will likely increase as well. The other is because there is simply no piece like it, and when you have something unique and old, it will naturally be worth more. This is why custom pieces are the perfect family heirlooms.