Yacht Clubs

Saracino Jewelry has produced limited edition collections with the California Yacht Club — a prestigious institute since 1922. Members use our CYC jewelry to commemorate special events, like taking home a regatta trophy, christening a new boat, or welcoming a new sailor to the crew. 

These nautical pieces offer timeless style and exceptional quality, and they’re wonderful keepsakes for CYC members who appreciate meaningful jewelry that will always remind them of the good times at sea and on land.

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The founder and CEO of Saracino Jewelry, Alex Peck, is a University of Southern California alum (class of 2019), so it’s no surprise that we partnered with the university! Whether you’re a USC graduate, a first-year student getting ready to kick off your college experience, or simply a Trojans fan, these stylish pieces are sure to be the highlight of your collection.

We make sure that our clients can be proud of our jewelry collaborations. As you can see, this collection showcases the USC’s iconic imagery while still retaining the elegance and style one expects from fine, meaningful jewelry. After all, attending an esteemed academic institution like USC is a major life event that deserves recognition worthy of the achievement.

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High Schools

Founded in 1865, Loyola High School is one of the country’s most renowned preparatory schools. Naturally, we were honored to partner with them! These pieces make fantastic presents to give students after commencement and graduation ceremonies. Proud parents of Loyola High School students also love showing off our jewelry.

When we collaborate with private clients, we make sure everyone can find fine gold jewelry that fits their style. For example, an athlete may find that the most meaningful jewelry is a piece with the Cubs paw logo, while a valedictorian may be especially proud of a graduation pendant. We try to cater to all tastes so everyone can find a piece with deep significance.

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Religious Institutions

We engage in many jewelry collaborations that appeal to a broad audience — not just those associated with the organization. Our partnerships with the St. Anastasia Parish and Visitation School are both shining examples. 

Of course, the congregation and clergy of St. Anastasia Parish and the students and staff of Visitation School greatly appreciate our faith-based jewelry, but devout people all over the world turn to these collections when seeking meaningful jewelry. Our diamond cross necklaces are very popular among those who follow the Christian faith, and we also offer Jewish jewelry, including Hamsa jewelry.

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