How to Get Customized Jewelry From Our Downtown LA Showroom

  1. Contact Us. Get in touch with Los Angeles’ best jewelry manufacturer by calling us at (310) 620-3313 or emailing us at
  2. Share your ideas and budget. Send us drawings, references, and other ‘inspirations’ for your pieces. Don’t forget to send your budget, as well! 
  3. Wait for our response. Our knowledgeable staff will strive to get back to you in 24 hours or less.
  4. Pay the deposit. After we receive the deposit amount, our staff will work on your custom-made jewelry right away.
  5. Approve the design. We’ll send a 3D rendering within three days. If you like it, we’ll continue with the design. If not, we’ll work on your desired modifications. 
  6. Wait for your customized jewelry. Please give us 7-10 days to finish your personalized piece.
  7. Pay the rest of your balance. After settling your balance, you can pick up your piece at our St. Vincent Jewelry Center. But, you can always have it shipped, too!