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If you have been searching for a reliable fine jewelry manufacturer “near me” and live near Los Angeles, Saracino Jewelry is the place for you. With over 35 years of experience in the jewelry manufacturing industry, Saracino Jewelry provides you with the high quality jewelry pieces you have been looking for. 

Where is the Jewelry District in Los Angeles?

The Jewelry District in Los Angeles is located in Downtown Los Angeles between Hill Street and Main Street, and 3rd and 9th streets. The California Jewelry Mart was the staple location for the entire area, when it was established at 607 S Hill Street. The Downtown Los Angeles Jewelry District became even more popular with the opening of the Saint Vincent Jewelry Center, located at 640 S Hill Street and 650 S Hill Street.

Saracino Jewelry's Los Angeles location is headquartered in the 640 S Hill Street Building at the Saint Vincent Center.

Our office is located at 640 S Hill St, Unit 865E, Los Angeles CA 90014. If you have any questions, please call or text us at (310) 620-3313.


Located in the heart of the jewelry district in Los Angeles, Saracino Jewelry is your California hub for custom necklaces, custom pendants, custom bracelets, custom earrings, custom rings, and more. The jewelry industry is a small tight-knit community with most of the business being family owned and operated. This industry dynamic in downtown Los Angeles allows for businesses to build trust amongst one-another, creating tight relationships that last for generations. 

Los Angeles Jewelry - Kobe Pendant

Saracino Jewelry’s downtown Los Angeles office is located in the 640 S Hill Street building, in the famous St. Vincent Center building. We work with our neighbors, who own reliable gold refineries and precious diamond and gemstone distribution companies solely focused on dominating their niche. 

Design Custom Jewelry Now

Saracino Jewelry offers one-on-one consultations for all custom jewelry designs, whether it is for a pendant, necklace, bracelet, ring, earrings, or anything else your heart desires. Saracino Jewelry also offers pre-made pieces available for sale and immediate pick up (or we will ship it to you). 

Custom Jewelry - Diamond Rolex with Red Dial

If you have been thinking about treating yourself or a loved one to a high-quality piece of fine jewelry but are wondering “Where is there a local jewelry store near me in Los Angeles?” Look no further. The jewelry experts at Saracino Jewelry will provide you with the customer service you deserve and beautiful finished jewelry pieces at an affordable price.

Jewelry Stores Open Near Me

We have seen unprecedented times in our country over the past year and a half, with Covid 19 causing an unreasonable amount of business to be temporarily or permanently closed. With that being said, it is tough to know what locations are still available for business, and when you are looking to buy some jewelry for yourself or a loved one, you might be living in Los Angeles and thinking to yourself “What jewelry stores are open near me?”

Saracino - Jewelry District in Los Angeles

Maybe the typical jewelry store that you and your parents have gone to for years is not seeing customers at the moment because of the effects of Covid 19. If this is the case, or you are interested in speaking with a representative from Los Angeles’ most reliable jewelry manufacturer, give Saracino Jewelry a call (310) 620-3313.

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All owners and representatives of Saracino Jewelry live in the surrounding Los Angeles area and are ready to provide you with the services you need. We handle most of our business through our website and over the phone, but our manufacturing facility is located on 6th and Hill Street in the LA jewelry district and we are seeing customers in our private downtown LA office by appointment. 

Inquire About Custom Jewelry

Where is the Best Place to go to get Custom Jewelry in the Jewelry District in Los Angeles?

The best place to shop for custom jewelry in the jewelry district in Los Angeles is Saracino Jewelry. With over 35 years of fine jewelry manufacturing experience and a strategically built team, we make the jewelry shopping experience as easy and affordable as possible for you.

 At Saracino Jewelry, we pride ourselves on providing you with unbeatable customer service while offering the highest quality finished jewelry pieces that money can buy. Our manufacturing team has worked for high-end retail brands like Cartier, Kay Jewelers, and more, and we bring that same attention to detail to all of our finished pieces. 

What Makes Saracino Jewelry the best Jewelry Store in Los Angeles?

There are a couple of things that separate Saracino Jewelry from all other jewelry manufacturers in Los Angeles. For starters, we own our own production facility and actually help other retail jewelry stores in Los Angeles with the manufacturing of their pieces. So you will be able to save money by shopping with the professionals who actually manufactured the jewelry piece, as opposed to paying extra to a retailer who paid our manufacturers to make them the piece to put in their showroom. 

Best Jewelry Stores in Los Angeles

Saracino Jewelry also makes a point to put the customer first. We know how exciting it is shopping for jewelry and when you are designing custom jewelry, you want the finished piece to be perfect. We understand this, which is why we go above and beyond to work with you to make sure you are 100% completely satisfied with our jewelry design process and our finished pieces. 

We do not work your normal 9AM - 5PM hours. Saracino Jewelry’s CEO and Founder, Alex Peck, sees client-relations as the key to his company and will happily speak on the phone with you whenever you have any questions whatsoever. If we are providing you with a quote for a custom jewelry piece, we will do everything in our power to give you as accurate an estimate as possible as soon as we can. The maximum amount of time you will ever have to wait for an estimate from us will be 24 hours, and we make it our goal to reply to you in under 60 minutes.

Skull Gold Pendant - Custom Jewelry in Los Angeles

At Saracino Jewelry, we fully guarantee all of our work. We work with a Third Party precious metal appraiser who tests all of our finished products before we deliver them to our clients, assuring you that you are receiving exactly what you are paying for. All of our diamonds and precious gemstones are natural stones, we do not use any synthetic lab-made stones in our jewelry manufacturing process. 

At Saracino Jewelry, we will never lie to you about the quality of diamonds that we are using in any of our pieces. While most people believe that high-end jewelry pieces only feature VVS-clarity diamonds, that is a misconception. In reality, most of the jewelry pieces being sold by some of the most famous and expensive brands feature SI- Clarity diamonds. When the stones being used are smaller, it is humanly impossible to tell the difference between a VVS and a high-quality SI diamond unless you have a trained eye and a microscope. We have access to VVS diamonds and occasionally use them in our pieces, when the client specifically requests it, but it is not something that is standard in the jewelry industry at all. 

Where to get Custom Jewelry in Los Angeles?

If you are still thinking to yourself “Where should I get custom jewelry in Los Angeles?” Do yourself a favor and reach out to the team at Saracino Jewelry. We pride ourselves on going above and beyond for all of our customers and we make it our mission to provide you with the highest quality jewelry piece at an affordable price.

We have in-house jewelry designers who work around the clock and only focus on designing and manufacturing custom jewelry pieces at our Los Angeles manufacturing facility. If you are living in or around Los Angeles and are looking for custom jewelry “near me,” reach out to Saracino Jewelry and see what we can offer you. 

Start the Custom Jewelry Process

Steps to Getting Custom Jewelry in Los Angeles:

    1. Reach out: You can call or text us regarding the custom jewelry design you had in mind at (310) 620-3313.
    2. Share your vision with us: Send us drawings, similar designs, mock-ups or any other relevant information (size estimates, metal preference, diamond or precious gemstone preference, etc..) that you think we could use to help us get an accurate understanding of exactly what you are looking for.
    3. Tell us your budget: Let us know a ballpark number that you would be comfortable investing into this custom jewelry piece. 
    4. Patiently wait for our response: We will respond to you as soon as possible regarding the estimate on your custom jewelry piece. We will try our best to get back to you in under an hour, but sometimes it may take us up to 24 hours to provide you with an accurate estimate
    5. Pay us a deposit: We will require a deposit in order to get started on your piece, so we do not spend all of the tedious hours designing the custom jewelry piece on our computer software without a small guarantee that you are a serious shopper and ready to choose Saracino Jewelry for your custom jewelry needs. 
    6. Approve the design: We will send you computer renderings of the designs that we have come up with. With these computer renderings, we will know exactly how big the piece will be, how heavy it will be, how many stones we need to set, and much more valuable information regarding your custom jewelry piece. 
    7. Patiently wait while we manufacture the piece: For most of our solid gold custom jewelry pieces, it will take us about a week to 10 days to finish your piece. If you have a custom piece with hundreds or thousands of diamonds, sometimes it will take a little bit longer, because we have our in-house diamond setters take their time hand-setting each stone.
    8. Pay the remainder of your balance: We require an initial deposit before we start working on the computer-rendered mock-up, then you can pay the remainder of your balance the day you pick up your finished jewelry piece.