Cuban Link Jewelry

June 16 2024 – Alexander Peck

Best Place to Buy Cuban Links - Where to Buy

If you are interested in finding the best place to buy cuban links (rings, chains, or bracelets) we would recommend looking online for a reputable business that has a functioning legitimate website, call them to make sure they answer the phone and ask them a handful of questions regarding the cuban link you want to purchase, and do your due diligence of researching that business online to make sure they have good reviews and are not known for “scamming” customers looking to purchase a cuban link or any other style of jewelry. 

When you are researching where to buy cuban links, make sure that you do not just go with the cheapest option, because this could end up costing you in the long run. There are many different factors that go into the price of a cuban link, such as material used (gold or silver), diamonds being used, length of the cuban link, and width of the cuban link.

Cuban Link Rings, Chains, and Bracelets

When shopping for cuban link rings, bracelets, and necklaces it is beneficial for you to do whatever you can during the buying process to make sure that the company you work with will do everything they possibly can to exceed your expectations and deliver you a very high quality finished piece of jewelry. 

At Saracino Custom Jewelry, not only do we pride ourselves on providing our customers with an amazing finished piece, we also do everything we can to provide you with the excellent customer service you deserve, answering all of your questions to the best of our ability.

Buy Cuban Links Online

When you are looking to buy cuban links online, it is very important for you to do whatever you can to make sure you are shopping with a reliable jeweler who has your best interest at heart. Some online cuban link sellers will make the title of their product something like this “Cuban Link Bracelet 12mm in 14K” then you do more investigating into the product details to find out that in the fine print, it is mentioned that the product is 14K Gold Plated. Companies that do this are misleading their customers and hoping you do not read all of the information and rush to buy, thinking you got an amazing deal. 

Things to do when buying a cuban link online:

  • Check out the business’s website
  • Read the company’s review from previous customers
  • Call the business and ask as many questions as possible
  • Do whatever else you need to do to feel comfortable with your purchase

We also recommend that you only shop for cuban links with businesses that have all of their cuban chains, necklaces, rings, and bracelets appraised by a 3rd party, assuring you that your piece is made in solid gold (as opposed to gold plating) and assuring you that your diamonds are natural, genuine diamonds (if you have diamonds in your cuban link).

Buy Cuban Links in Los Angeles

Located in the heart of the jewelry and diamond district, Saracino Custom Jewelry is the premier place to buy cuban links in Los Angeles. When you are shopping for expensive jewelry pieces, like cuban link chains rings and bracelets, it is extremely important for you to work with a company that can work with you to make sure the finished cuban chain comes out exactly how you envisioned it, at a reasonable price. 

Here are couple reasons why Saracino Jewelry is the best place to buy cuban links in Los Angeles:

  • We do not have any inventory, so we can offer you a great deal on your cuban chain
  • We have a variety of cuban link styles and options for you to choose from
  • We get all of our cuban links tested by a 3rd party, assuring you the quality meets the specifics of your order
  • We have a very quick turnaround time (7 days for gold cuban links, about 14 days for cuban links with diamonds)

With our wide-variety of cuban link options (different sizes, styles, and shapes of the cuban link) we can manufacture you a cuban chain or cuban ring that specifically fits your budget. Most jewelry companies who have pre-made pieces need to charge extra for all of their products because they have so much money tied up in inventory that typically sits in a display case for months or even years without anyone purchasing them. To make up for the pre-made pieces that have not been sold, these jewelry businesses in Los Angeles need to overcharge you every time they sell a cuban link chain or ring in order for their business to be successful. 

At Saracino Jewelry, everything we make is custom which means that we do not have any money tied up in inventory which allows us to offer you the best possible price on any cuban link ring, bracelet, necklace or chain. 

Our attention to detail and commitment to exceeding your expectations, coupled with our ability to offer you a high-quality finished piece at an affordable price are just a couple of reasons why Saracino Custom Jewelry is the best place to buy cuban link chains, rings, bracelets, and necklaces in Los Angeles.

For more information regarding cuban link chains, necklaces, bracelets, and rings in Los Angeles call us at (310) 620-3313 or email us at

Different Styles of Cuban Links

If you have done a bit of online jewelry shopping for cuban links and noticed there are a couple different options, you may be wondering “What is the difference between Miami Cuban Link and a standard Cuban Link?” You are not alone. The main difference between Miami Cuban Link and the standard “Curb” cuban link is that Miami Cuban Links are a bit thicker and have sharper edges on each link. There is much less of a gap between each link in the Miami Cuban Link compared to the standard “Curb” cuban link.

Different Style of Cuban Links

The Miami Cuban Link is thicker and much rounder and bolder on each side, where the traditional “curb” cuban link is a bit thinner, flatter and visible less gold. For example, a Miami Cuban Link that is 26’ long and 10mm tall (thick) in 10K Solid Gold can weigh around 200 grams which is MUCH heavier than the traditionally flatter “curbed” cuban link chain which at 10mm tick and 26” long can weigh under 100 grams in 10K Gold (frequently around 70-80 grams total. This weight difference can cut the overall price of your solid gold cuban link chain in half.

Both the traditional “Curbed” Cuban Link Chain and the Miami Cuban Link Chain are very popular jewelry pieces and can be made in 10K, 14K, and 18K Gold. You have the option of adding diamonds to both cuban link options and you can choose from round diamonds, princess cut diamonds, baguette diamonds, and more!

Tri-Color Cuban Link Chains:

The traditional way of creating a cuban link chain is to make it in solid yellow gold without any diamonds. A unique option to make your cuban link chain more unique is to make each cuban link a different color: 1 yellow gold link, 1 rose gold link, 1 white gold link. You have the option of doing different patterns of yellow, rose, white, yellow, rose, white. Or you can do all yellow gold links for a third of the necklace, then all white gold links, then finish with rose gold links.

Tri Color Cuban Link Chain w Diamonds

Cuban Link Jewelry Options (Rings, Bracelets, Necklaces)

The Cuban Link Style of jewelry piece is so popular that it has been used in almost every article of jewelry including:

  • Cuban Link Necklaces
  • Cuban Link Chains
  • Cuban Link Rings
  • Cuban Link Pendants (Mainly Used as a Border)

The cuban link style is extremely popular and it seems like every jeweler is coming up with his/her own way to add their own customization and twist to the traditional cuban link. One of the best ways to make your cuban link chain more personalized and unique is by implementing colored stones, or using uniquely shaped diamonds to add a twist to the traditional cuban link style. Hand-Engraving a cuban link chain or bracelet is a great way to add unique details to your piece too!

Are Cuban Links Expensive? 

Yes, Cuban Links are typically very expensive compared to your standard necklace because they are generally thick and heavy which requires a lot of gold to be used. Cuban Link Chains are typically the most expensive option of all chains. Cuban Links are much more expensive than rope chains, franco chains, ball chains, and rolo chains. But the huge fluctuation in pricing will be reflected when you decide on how thick and long you’d like your cuban link chain, bracelet, or ring to be. 

If you get a relatively thin cuban link chain, maybe 3mm thick, you can definitely get something at a reasonable price. But when you start getting into the cuban link necklaces and bracelets that are 10mm-20mm thick, that is when you will start to see price tags break $10,000 or more!

The best way to get the same cuban link look without breaking the bank is to have a custom cuban link made where some of the gold is hollowed out on the backside of the cuban link. It will be visually unnoticeable that the chain is hollow unless you flip the chain over, however this will cut down on the gold weight which will save you money when you are ready to buy your cuban link chain. If you aren't used to wearing heavy necklaces, then wearing a large solid gold chain may be uncomfortable because there will be a lot of weight hanging on your neck, so this hollowed-out cuban link chain may be the perfect option for you.

How Much is a Cuban Link Chain?

Cuban Link Chains have the potential to get pretty pricey purely because they are typically very heavy and if you add diamonds, there is a lot of surface area that needs to be covered with stones if you want to fully ice it out. If you get a 26” 6mm cuban link necklace in 10K Solid Gold, the total weight can weigh as much as 200 grams of solid gold. This equates to about $4,600 in the cost of gold alone! 

Now if you consider that you may want to add diamonds as well, you will be using a good amount of stones to fully cover the entirety of each link. Not only do you need to factor in the cost of the diamonds, but there is a good amount of labor that goes into setting each stone by-hand and connecting each link of the cuban chain.

How Much is a Cuban Link Chain with Diamonds?

Cuban Link Chains with Diamonds will fluctuate in price depending on the size and weight of the cuban link and the clarity of diamonds you would like to have set in your diamond cuban link necklace. 

Baguette Diamond Cuban Link Necklace

For example, if you wanted to purchase a 20” 9mm 14K Cuban Link Necklace iced out with VS Diamonds, most companies would charge you around $20,000 or so. They will also mention that turnaround time is around a month. At Saracino Custom Jewelry, we would be able to make you the exact same piece for $14,750 and have it ready for you in at MOST 16 days! Since we are a lean business with great business ties in the downtown Los Angeles Jewelry district, we are able to efficiently make you a very high-quality finished diamond cuban link necklace at a much more affordable price.

How Much is a Cuban Link Ring?

A gold cuban link ring should be relatively affordable depending on the size of your finger, the thickness of the ring, and the purity of gold that you would like to use. If you are interested in a relatively Size 7 solid gold cuban link ring about 8mm tall made in 14K Solid Gold, the total cost will likely be around $745 and the piece would weigh around 11 grams. If you were to try to purchase a similar piece in-person at a retail store, they would probably charge you around $850 or even more. 

Gold Cuban Link Ring

How Much is a Cuban Link Ring with Diamonds?

Cuban Link Rings with diamonds are much more affordable than a cuban link necklace because rings are typically pretty thin (for comfort reasons) and there will be substantially less gold and diamonds used than if you were to make a diamond cuban link necklace. 

Buy Cuban Links in Los Angeles

A 6mm Size 7.5 Cuban Link Ring iced out with VS Diamonds will cost around $2,400 made in 14K Solid Gold. You will likely find the same product for $3,700 when shopping with any other brand, but Saracino Custom Jewelry is able to provide you the high quality iced out cuban link ring at a much more affordable price because we do not have millions of dollars tied up in pre-made jewelry sitting in a showroom, which most people owe money on and accrue interest every day they do not sell their products. Since our overhead is very low and all of our pieces are custom-made, we can provide you with a beautiful finished product at an affordable price. Being that our office is located in the heart of the jewelry and diamond district in downtown Los Angeles, most of the world’s largest diamond dealers are our neighbors and offer us unbeatable prices on very high quality diamonds. We are able to pass these savings on to you

How Much is a Cuban Link Bracelet?

The Price of Solid Gold Cuban Link Bracelets, similar with the pricing of cuban link rings and necklaces, largely fluctuates depending on the gold purity and the amount of gold used to manufacture the cuban bracelet. 

Gold Cuban Link Bracelet

If you were interested in buying a 20mm solid gold cuban link bracelet, 9 inches long and made in 10K Solid Gold, it would weigh roughly 260 grams and the team at Saracino Custom jewelry will make it for you in under 8 days and the total would be around $10,045. As mentioned, the price can dramatically change if you choose to make the bracelet thicker, longer, or have it made in 14K or 18K as opposed to 10K. If you are interested in getting a cuban bracelet made with similar specs (20mm Wide, 10 Karat Gold, 9” Long), you can save money by having the under-side of each cuban link made to be hollow. This can save you anywhere from 20-30% of the weight of the gold and discount the overall purchase price too!

How Much is a Cuban Link Bracelet with Diamonds?

Cuban Link Bracelets with Natural Diamonds can get very expensive if you want the bracelet to be relatively thick and feature high-quality diamonds. You want to make sure that you purchase your diamond cuban link bracelet from a reputable jewelry company because there is a huge increase in the amount of jewelers who are using CVD (lab-grown diamonds) and trying to pass them to be natural diamonds. While lab-grown diamonds and natural diamonds are very similar in their physical makeup, CVD diamonds are man-made, less expensive, and do not have much resale value.

Cuban Link Bracelet w Diamonds

If you want to buy a high quality cuban link bracelet with diamonds, the team at Saracino Custom Jewelry would love to help you out. We have all of our iced out cuban link bracelets appraised by a 3rd party GIA-certified jewelry appraiser, and we will provide you the top-tier customer service you deserve. 

For example, if you want to purchase a 7 inch 12mm cuban link bracelet made in 14K with natural VS diamonds, we would be able to custom-make it for you in around 2 weeks and we would charge around $9,345. Most other online jewelry companies would charge you around $14,500 for a similar piece. 

Why are some Cuban Links more Expensive than Others?

Some Cuban Links are more expensive than generally because they are made using a higher quality gold, weigh more, or have high quality diamonds. Some jewelry manufacturers will try to sell you a cuban link bracelet, ring, or necklaces at what seems to be a “discounted rate” but odds are they are using artificially diamonds or they are making the piece in silver and dipping it in a gold plating and calling it 14K Gold even though it is not solid gold. 

Cuban Link Pricing Options

If you want a durable cuban link ring, bracelet, or necklace made using solid gold and natural diamonds and appraised by a 3rd party GIA Certified jewelry appraiser, Saracino Jewelry would love to work with you and turn your jewelry vision into a reality at an affordable price. 

Why is it called a Cuban Link?

The Cuban Link got its name because of their rapid increase in popularity in Miami, Florida during the early 1970s. The hip hop jewelry movement during the early 70s is when the “Cuban” link chain became one of the most popular jewelry pieces, most commonly in Miami where there is an abundant amount of residents of Cuban heritage. 

The cuban link chain can be considered to be a standard cable with oval links that intersect in a rope-like pattern. The cuban link chain has been said to be the centerpiece to most people’s jewelry due to its unique style and size. The cuban link is usually the largest chain owned by an individual and is occasionally paired with smaller and thinner chains. 

Are Cuban Links Good Investments?

Yes, Cuban links can be a good investment. But they can only be a good investment if you purchase a high quality piece from a manufacturer making it for you at a reasonable price. If you get your cuban link chain at a good price and the price of gold goes up over the next couple years while the dollar continues to fall in value due to inflation, your cuban link purchase could be a very good investment. However, if you overpay for your cuban link chain, then the cuban link will be a good way to store your money, due to the cost of the gold, but it will not ba a good investment in the sense that you will make money when you try to sell it in the future, unless the cost of gold doubles.

Why are Miami Cuban Links so Expensive?

Miami Cuban link chains are so expensive because they require  a very large amount of gold on each chain link which adds up to the entire piece being very heavy. Also, if you have a relatively larger and thicker cuban link chain and want to add diamonds, then the price can increase exponentially. 

Since the surfaces of each link on the cuban chain is flat, it is ideal for setting diamonds; unlike rope or frank chains which are rounded and not ideal for setting stones. 

If you want to get the same cuban look but want to save some money by cutting down on the total weight of the cuban link chain, we have a couple options. One of the options is to make the sides of the cuban link shorter/thinner which will decrease the overall weight of the cuban link and save you money. Another option is to remove gold from the under-side of each link, making the cuban link almost like a “shell” which looks thick and solid gold, but is actually 30% lighter because each link is custom 

Why are Cuban Links Popular?

Cuban Links are popular because they have a very unique style and design. The way each link flows and interlocks with the other makes it a very appealing style of necklace. They are also very popular because of their size: cuban link chains, rings, and bracelets are typically the largest and thickest chain owned in one’s jewelry collection. 

Another thing that makes cuban links so popular is that their flat service makes it ideal for diamond setting. Setting stones on curved and rounded surfaces is difficult and does not look as nice and flashy as setting diamonds on a flat surface.

Jay Z Wearing Gold Cuban Link Chain

Rappers like Jay Z, 50 Cent, Rick Ross and more helped the cuban link chain gain popularity. These celebrities have been known to wear solid gold cuban links that are a couple inches thick and cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Kim Kardashian Diamond Cuban Link Chain

Female models are starting to wear choker-style cuban link necklaces that are more feminine and can open up a new demographic to start wearing cuban link necklaces. Typically cuban link necklaces have been popular among males but shorter, more petite cuban links are being worn by female celebrities like Kim Kardashian and more!

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