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Where to Buy Diamond Cross

If you are shopping for a diamond cross necklace and want to work with a company that only makes solid gold pieces and uses 100% Natural Diamonds, then Saracino Jewelry is the company for you. At Saracino Jewelry, we pride ourselves on manufacturing the most unique and classy diamond cross pendants fit for you. We have a wide variety of diamond cross options for you to choose from, or we can design a custom diamond cross pendant and necklace specifically for you. 

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If you choose to have us design you a custom diamond cross necklace, we will turn your vision into a reality by manufacturing your piece for you in 6-8 business days. After we finish manufacturing your new diamond crucifix pendant, you can pick up the finished piece from our Los Angeles jewelry office, or we can mail you the diamond cross. 

You can choose from having us make you a diamond cross pendant with a new solid gold necklace, or we can make the diamond cross to fit a chain you already have. 

When you are shopping for a diamond cross pendant, odds are you plan on having this jewelry piece last you forever and possibly pass it on to future children. In order to make a durable jewelry piece that can be enjoyed for years, you should shop with a manufacturer who specializes in making diamond crosses only using natural diamonds and solid gold. Any gold plated jewelry will tarnish and lose its color over time from sweat, showers, and casual “wear-and-tear.”

At Saracino Jewelry, we will provide a certificate of authenticity for all diamond cross necklaces and pendants we sell. This certificate of authenticity will be an appraisal by a 3rd party business assuring you that the diamonds are natural and up to our standard, and also assures you that the piece is made in the proper gold purity. For all of our standard diamond cross pendants, we use natural VS-clarity diamonds. If you would like to work on a custom diamond cross necklace, we can use VVS clarity stones and make the cross pendant in 10K, 14K, 18K, or 22K solid gold. 

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Best Place to Buy Diamond Cross Necklaces in Los Angeles

There are a couple of factors that make Saracino Jewelry the number 1 place to buy diamond cross necklaces in Los Angeles. For starters, we have a VIP office located in the heart of the jewelry district in downtown Los Angeles. We are neighbors with the world’s leading diamond dealers, jewelry appraisers, diamond setters, and gold casters which allows us to create the diamond cross necklace of your dreams in a very short amount of time. 

Box Diamond Cross Pendant w Necklace in Rose Gold

In addition, we do not have a large amount of money invested in a jewelry showroom, waiting to hopefully sell a jewelry piece, so we are able to offer you an unbeatable price while exceeding all expectations in quality and customer service. Retail jewelry brands that have thousands of dollars invested in pre-made jewelry pieces to fill their showrooms need to charge extra money in order for their business to be profitable. What makes us the most unique place to shop for diamond cross necklaces in Los Angeles is that we have digital inventory and will make your piece for you in roughly 6-8 days. Not only can you choose from our digital inventory, but you can also design your own custom diamond cross necklace which we will build to fit your exact specifications. 

Shop for Diamond Cross Pendants Online

Shopping for diamond cross pendants online should be an easy and comfortable process for you. To make the experience as enjoyable as possible, make sure to work with a trusted online jewelry business, like Saracino Jewelry. 

Diamond Cross Pendant w Necklace in White Gold and Yellow Gold

Saracino Jewelry is the best place to shop for diamond cross pendants because we have a wide variety of styles available on our website at competitive prices, we offer custom-made diamond cross necklaces, and we will provide you unbeatable customer service throughout the entire process. Before we ship you your diamond cross necklace, we will have the fine jewelry piece tested by a 3rd party appraiser who will certify that your piece is exactly what you ordered. Unfortunately, there is a heavy increase in the amount of jewelry brands using artificial, lab-grown diamonds in their jewelry pieces and passing them off as natural stones created by the earth’s pressure. 

Also, be wary of jewelry companies who will advertise their gold and diamond cross necklaces as “14K Gold” when in reality, they are making the pieces in silver or copper and then just gold plating the pieces. At Saracino Jewelry, all of our pieces are solid gold. We do not offer any products made in silver or gold plated, and as previously mentioned, we only use natural diamonds for all of our diamond jewelry pieces.

Who Sells Diamond Cross Pendants for Women

Saracino Jewelry is the ideal place to shop for diamond cross pendants for women. We have a large variety of diamond cross designs that would look fantastic on the neck of a woman or young lady. We have some diamond cross pendants that could be paired well with a thin choker-style chain, and we have other diamond crosses that would be better on a longer necklace. 

Diamond Cross Pendant for Women

If you have a specific style in mind for your new diamond cross necklace, we would love for you to send any details or drawings of the pendant you have in mind to our team at saracinosales@gmail.com. We can custom-make any woman’s diamond pendant to turn your vision into a reality. After you submit the information regarding your custom diamond cross inquiry, we will have a rough quote ready for you in about 12-24 hours. 

Best Place to Buy Diamond Cross Pendants for Men

When it comes to manufacturing diamond cross pendants for men, Saracino Jewelry will provide you the unbeatable shopping experience that you deserve. We have over 40 years of jewelry designing and manufacturing experience, and we use everything we have learned to design a wide variety of gold cross pendants with diamonds and other rare gemstones made specifically for men.

If you are looking for something a little more personalized, we can always work with you hand-in-hand to design a piece that you will truly enjoy wearing. We can offer you some suggestions on attributes to include in your custom design that will make your diamond cross more masculine as opposed to a more dainty cross that is typically purchased by ladies.

Princess Cut Diamond Cross Pendant for Men


Typically when men are shopping for diamond cross pendants, they are looking for something a little bit larger and more edgy. We have a couple box pendants that we would consider to be more of a manly diamond cross necklace. With current fashion trends blurring the lines between mens' and womens' jewelry, we think that all of our diamond cross pendants can be worn by both men and women. If you do not see a diamond cross that catches your eye, we can always design you a custom cross to specifically fit your needs. Saracino Jewelry is the leading online retailer to shop for mens diamond cross pendants and necklaces. 

Solid Gold Diamond Cross Necklaces

While most companies stick to only offering a couple jewelry designs, Saracino Jewelry has a wide variety of solid gold diamond cross necklaces to choose from and you can even design your own! We have an online inventory of gold crosses with diamonds for you to shop from and if you want any modifications or customizations made to your cross pendant, we can absolutely make that happen. 

All of our cross pendants are made of solid gold with natural diamonds. We do not offer any silver or gold plated pieces and we never use lab grown diamonds. By making our cross jewelry pieces in solid gold, it assures us that you will have a long lasting piece able to be passed down from generation to generation. Making jewelry pieces in silver is not ideal because the metal tarnishes very fast and loses its shine and glimmer.

Designing a Cross Pendant

Steps to  Make Gold Cross with Diamonds

  1. Send us a design or drawing of the diamond cross necklace you like. Be sure to include approximate height and width as well as a budget for the project
  2. We will take a deposit and make a 3d rendering of the gold cross pendant with diamonds
  3. After the design is approved, we will 3d print a wax version of the pendant and have it casted in white gold, rose gold, or yellow gold
  4. After casting, we will polish up the finished piece and bring it to our trusted diamond setter
  5. We will add the finishing touches and your diamond cross pendant will be ready for pick up or we can mail you your finished piece.

Diamond Cross with Chain

In our diamond cross pendant collection, you will notice that we offer diamond cross pendants by themselves and we also have an option to pair the diamond cross with a chain. For most of our standard diamond cross pendants, we typically pair them with a 18” or 20” rope chain. If you would like to pair the diamond cross with a thicker chain or different style chain, that is definitely doable.

Some of the most popular chains to pair with a diamond cross pendant are rope chains, franco chains, rolo link, cable chains, and link chains. These chains have nice designs to them and are not overwhelmingly detailed, so they will not draw any attention away from the diamond cross pendant. 

Where to Buy Small Diamond Cross Necklace 

Saracino Jewelry is the number 1 online retailer to buy small diamond cross necklaces. We have a wide variety of designs and styles and we can also make you a custom small diamond cross necklace if you have a specific design or style in mind. 

Small Diamond Cross Pendant

Small Diamond Cross Pendants with Chain are becoming increasingly popular because they can be worn everyday with any outfit. Typically, larger chains and pendants are not as comfortable to wear and are sparingly worn because they are more for “special events.” Small diamond cross necklaces are comfortable to wear, not too heavy, and offer you a subtle amount of bling, spicing up your solid gold cross necklace. 

Most of our small diamond cross pendants are around 1” tall or less, which is an ideal size for an everyday necklace. While we do offer larger diamond cross necklaces, we have noticed that the smaller diamond cross pendants are much more popular. We have a handful of different diamond cross styles for you to choose from, and would love to design you a 100% small custom diamond pendant if you have a custom style in mind. 

Who Sells Diamond Sideways Cross Necklaces?

Diamond Sideways Cross Necklaces have become more popular over the last couple of years because of their unique style and the way they sit around your neck. Rather than having the cross necklace hang from a bail vertically, these new sideways cross necklaces with diamonds are attached directly to the top and bottom part of the cross and hang horizontally. This eliminates the need for a bail (which is the piece that the necklaces typically run through) and also makes it so the chain and cross pendant are permanently connected. 

Sideways Cross Necklace w Diamonds in Rose Gold

Having sideways cross  permanently connected will eliminate the pendant from moving around while you're doing an activity or sleeping. Occasionally a pendant will move on the necklace while you are working out or while you are sleeping. With the diamond sideways cross necklace, the pendant will always stay in the perfect position on your chest. 

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Types of Diamond Cross Necklaces:

  • White Gold Diamond Cross Pendant
  • Yellow Gold Diamond Cross Pendant
  • Rose Gold Diamond Cross Pendant

Our most popular diamond cross necklace option is having the piece made in white gold or yellow gold. Not many clients purchase diamond pieces in rose gold but we think that makes the rose gold crosses more unique. 

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If you are still wondering where you should go to confidently shop for 100% Solid Gold and Diamond Cross Necklaces, look no further than Saracino Jewelry. We will exceed all expectations in terms of quality piece and customer care and will provide you with a free quote on any custom cross pendant that you may be interested in possibly designing. Reach us by phone (310) 620-3313 or send us an email saracinosales@gmail.com to get started today. You can also check out our digital inventory for all of our pre-designed jewelry pieces.