Picking Engagement Rings: How to Choose the Perfect One

January 18 2024 – Alexander Peck

A person who’s about to propose holding an engagement ring

Shopping for engagement rings can be a daunting task—after all, the proposal is a once-in-a-lifetime event, and the ring is a symbol of your enduring love and the beautiful life you’ll share together. That’s a pretty big deal! With over 40 years of experience, we’re more than happy to provide expert guidance on how to choose the perfect engagement ring for this monumental occasion.

Get inspired by these iconic, timeless engagement ring styles. We can also design a custom diamond engagement ring just for you if you have a specific idea in mind.

1. Round Cut

The 2ct Round Diamond Engagement Ring with Double Diamond Band

Round brilliant cut diamond rings are a popular choice because the design is so versatile and classic, and the symmetrical circle shape represents eternity, wholeness, unity, and completion. When picking engagement rings, think about the deeper meaning behind the piece. A round cut ring will always serve as a poignant reminder that your love is infinite and that you complete each other.

Beyond the romantic symbolism, round cut rings offer maximum sparkle! The round brilliant cut really showcases the diamond’s light refraction, causing the stone to dance beautifully when it catches the light. Luxurious yet traditional, a round cut diamond ring will always be in style and pairs wonderfully with any outfit—perfect for everyday wear.

2. Heart Cut

The 1.5ct Heart Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring with Twisted Marquise Diamonds

Heart cut engagement rings speak for themselves with a shape strongly tied to romance. That said, part of picking engagement rings is choosing a style that your sweetheart will genuinely want to wear. Many people adore heart-shaped jewelry, but some prefer designs that lean more on the traditional side. There’s no right or wrong when it comes to learning how to choose the perfect engagement ring. You know your partner better than anyone, so follow your heart!

Hearts have remained a symbol of love for centuries, but that’s not the only reason to choose a heart cut engagement ring. The heart cut offers radiant sparkle that’s comparable to round brilliant cut diamonds (it’s a modification of the round cut style), so if you're after eye-catching sparkle, it’s another fantastic choice to consider when picking engagement rings.

3. Emerald Cut

The 2ct Emerald Cut Bezel Set Diamond Engagement Ring with Tapered Baguette Diamond Side Diamonds

Unique emerald cut engagement rings are sure to delight anyone with a fondness for the classic jewelry styles of yesteryear. Conjuring visions of the Arts Décoratifs movement of the 1920s, emerald cut diamonds have clean, symmetrical lines and a geometrical rectangle shape that exude style and class. The open table produces a magical hall of mirrors effect that dazzles the eye.

While emerald cut diamonds are steeped in tradition, they still have a contemporary feel that works with modern fashion sensibilities. An emerald cut engagement ring would make a lovely heirloom to keep in the family for generations. As you go about picking engagement rings, remember that you’re choosing a meaningful treasure that will be part of your story, as well as the stories of those you hold dear.

4. Trillion Cut

The 2.0ct Trillion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring with Diamond Band

Trillion cut engagement rings offer a unique, bold look that’s sure to please someone with a taste for distinctive pieces that stand out from the norm. The word “trillion” is actually a portmanteau of the words “triangle” and “brilliant.” As the name suggests, the diamond is cut in a triangle shape that sparkles brilliantly.

Remember that understanding how to choose the perfect engagement ring means considering the recipient’s personal taste. When picking engagement rings, ask yourself if you can see them purchasing that style ring for themself. Trillion cut diamonds were invented relatively recently in the 1960s, so they tend to be most desirable among those who enjoy jewelry that leans more on the modern side.

5. Oval Cut

The 2ct Oval Bezel Set Diamond Engagement Ring with Bezel Set Trillion Cut Side Diamonds File name: picking-engagement-rings-oval-cut

Oval diamond engagement rings are very similar to round cut diamonds, but with an elongated shape that makes the diamond appear larger than its carat weight suggests. While oval cut diamonds lend themselves to visually impactful statement rings, they still have an elegant air about them. Like round cut diamonds, picking engagement rings with an oval cut is a way to express eternal love and a sense of completion.

6. Pear Cut

The 2ct Pear Bezel Set Diamond Engagement Ring with Bezel Set Side Diamonds

Pear shaped engagement rings are another excellent choice for those who appreciate the traditional glamour of days gone by. While the shape exudes classic luxury, it’s also undeniably elegant. If you’re seeking a ring that offers flash and class in one package, a pear cut ring can seamlessly transition between decadent and demure depending on how it’s styled.

Customize Your Engagement Ring

With infinite love comes infinite possibilities! If you’re still asking yourself how to choose the perfect engagement ring, you may want to consider commissioning custom-made jewelry. In addition to helping countless private clients with picking engagement rings, we’ve handcrafted many one-of-a-kind engagement rings for couples who have a specific vision they want to bring to life. Customize your engagement ring with Saracino Jewelry, and make a memory you’ll cherish for life.