Winter Jewelry Styling Ideas: How to Accessorize for the Cold Weather

January 18 2024 – Alexander Peck

A woman wearing winter clothes and jewelry

We know that keeping your sparkle and shine going during the snowy season can be tricky, so we put together some winter styling ideas to help. Just because you’re bundled up doesn’t mean you can’t express yourself with your favorite accessories. In fact, the right jewelry can elevate your winter wear in a major way. You might need to get a little creative with your looks, but that’s part of the fun of fashion! Follow these 5 tips to stay stylish and warm this winter.

1. Layer Statement Necklaces Over Tops

The Diamond Sideways Cross Necklace (14K, Yellow Gold, .04ct)

When it comes to winter jewelry, long, chunky, gold necklaces are the cream of the crop! They look amazing worn on top of sweaters and turtlenecks, adding an exciting visual element to traditional cold weather attire. A necklace with an eye-catching pendant is a great choice when you want to go big with a dramatic look, but even a subtle chain can add just a hint of shine that makes the outfit pop.

2. Let Your Ears Do the Talking

Diamond Stud Earrings with Diamond Moon

Even on those blustery days when a beanie is a must, you can still have a pair of earrings peeking out from below. Dangly earrings make wonderful winter jewelry because they’ll show even when your ears are fully covered.

Here’s a fun tip: Did you know that stud earrings can double as brooches? Pin an earring to your winter coat to give your cozy winter aesthetic a subtle touch of elegance.

3. Pair Compatible Rings and Gloves

The Heart Silhouette Ring

As you explore winter styling ideas, you may also want to think about winter gear that complements your favorite jewelry. For example, fingerless gloves are super cute, and they’ll let your rings show (just make sure the weather doesn’t require full coverage!). You can also wear minimalist rings underneath your gloves so your winter jewelry is a nice surprise once the gloves come off. Be cautious when wearing loose-fitting or chunky rings, as they could slip off with your gloves if you’re not paying attention!

4. Wear Bigger, Bolder Bracelets

The Jewish Diamond Charm Bracelet

Long sleeves will usually cover your wrist accessories, but charm bracelets can still poke out. You could even add charms with longer chains just for wintertime. You could also stack multiple bangles underneath a loose sleeve. They may not be visible all the time, but people will catch a glimpse of that beautiful shine as you move.

5. Customize Your Perfect Winter Jewelry

The Bubble Diamond Heart Necklace

Out of all of these winter styling ideas, this one’s the best: Design custom-made jewelry that pairs with your go-to winter wear! Put on your winter clothing, take a look in the mirror, and imagine what your perfect accessory would look like. We can make it!

Jewelry that’s custom-tailored specifically for the winter season will provide a lifetime of cool cold weather style, and you’ll look forward to those chilly days when you can let your one-of-a-kind piece shine.

Find Your Winter Accessories Today

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